A Space Horror game I made in 1 week using the Godot engine. You are an astronaut dispatched by HQ to destroy a space station that has been overrun by alien parasites. Watch your oxygen levels and try to stay alive as you try and activate the station's self-destruct sequence all while avoiding the parasites all around you.


  • Arrow Keys or A and D - Move Left and Right
  • W, Spacebar, or Up - Jump
  • Enter - Interact with Computers/Dismiss Dialog

Checkout how I made this in this devlog: 

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Tags1-bit, 2D, Horror, Pixel Art, Space, Survival Horror


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I don't know why but, i got scared when the parasites started following me. But in the end when i pressed the computer nothing happened, parasites didn't chase me and the guy didn't talk about destruction and i just won.

Hmm weird. Well, I did make this in 1 week so there are bound to be some bugs... Thanks for letting me know and thanks for playing!

Good stuff! Nice sound effects. The enemies look great--using the particle system was a really effective hack. Well-designed levels. Overall, the game is challenging without being frustrating.

The atmosphere is effective. I'd say the white platform blocks in the earlier parts of the game detract somewhat from the darkness, but perhaps this is intentional (because this is in the earlier parts of the game).

Also, the main character appears to jiggle a bit when moving; I'm not sure whether that is due to some issue with configuring the camera (I know nothing about Godot at all!).

(Coincidentally, I recently did a space platformer myself for a 3-day jam. :) )


What a game! That's a very nice idea, there are some bugs related to the physics (sometimes, the enemies don't disappear when you are in Oxygen Tank, but I just had to jump, and then, it was solved. 10/10

Yeah I was actually aware of that since the way it was implemented it made the enemies disappear only when you first connected to the tank, but decided against changing it since I was going to just spend one week on it. Glad you enjoyed it regardless 😊


It was amazing man, and as I said before it's a great idea. It would be incredible if you make the game a bit extense. You are very talented. I struggle to make simple games, but you inspired me to don't give up.