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A Tiny Metroidvania for the Playdate

You've ate the king's royal cheese and are now locked in a maze like dungeon.

  • Navigate through the dungeon, unlocking abilities to access new regions
  • Dodge spikes and make your way through platforming challenges
  • Find secret rooms and collect all the hidden cheese
  • Experience a tiny metroidvania right on your Playdate!

Update Released (v1.1)! Includes:

  • Entirely new second map to play through!!!
  • Speed run timer to track your time (Access through menu on title screen)
  • Various small gameplay tweaks (e.g. reduced player hitbox, better accidental double jump detection, etc.)


  • Fixed player spawning at the end of world 1...


  • Made difficult jump where you had to dash through a tiny gap in world 2 much much easier
  • Fixed bug where chests/gates/cheese were not reset after starting new world


Updated 15 days ago
Published 29 days ago
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
TagsMetroidvania, microvania, Playdate


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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I played it a bit 


Really enjoyed this! Found the 2nd map more difficult and engaging than the 1st map so glad you added it in.

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing :)

Hi ! Is the game made for macOs too?

You could play on the Playdate Simulator app (https://play.date/dev/), but it's designed for the Playdate.

Thank you for answering!:) I'm gonna try the simulator, I really want to play the game

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This is a fun little platformer that plays really well! Very much worth the money.

I couldn't find a way to message the creator so I'll just leave this video here. I think there's a spawning bug right here, but who knows maybe that's the intended behavior!


Yeah - it's because it's spawning you at the start of the room, but it doesn't automatically switch you to a climbing state so you don't grab the ladder and fall immediately to the previous room. Not necessarily a bug per se, but definitely a QoL change I should make. Thanks!


Probably not a big deal most of the time, but I kept dying in that room so I kept having to climb the ladder over and over! Thanks for taking a look.


I love this little game! Just finished both maps. It's cool seeing the item order is completely different for the two maps. Also appreciate the timer options and best run time tracking. It'd be amazing if someone created a page at SRC for this.

Thanks for pointing out the item order thing! Randomly realized I could easily change up how each map played by just changing the ability order - that was fun to implement.


looks cool!


"Just did a cash out refinance on my summer castle", that's pretty funny!


Fun and tight little game!


Thanks for playing!


Just bought and sideloaded. Cant wait to give it a spin!