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Hey! This was originally a Patreon exclusive release since it's not what I would really consider a complete game since it's missing a save system + better game balancing, but I've decided to release it anyways for free just for fun and change the Patreon rewards to early access instead of exclusive releases.

This is the Roguelike/Broughlike that I made about a month ago. Play as one of six different classes (Knight, Ranger, Defender, Priest, Wizard, and Rogue) and defeat enemies in this turn-based adventure! Use the d-pad to move and move into enemies to attack them or into trees to cut them down. However, beware, as enemies move when you move! Press A to use your class specific special ability. Beat level 20 to win!

Check out how I made it here:

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Admittedly, I skipped over this game because I wasn't interested in playing another Rogue game. But it's fantastic. I've beaten it a couple of times as a wizard.


Is it possible to beat the game?

Haha maybe if you're lucky. The level to beat is level 20, but I didn't really spend any time balancing the game much so you'll probably run into a lot of situations that are unwinnable.

I've beaten it with the wizard. I've gotten close with the ranger.


A really solid foundation! I had a lot of fun and I know I have gotten up to the 10-11-12 range of levels.  I like the skills with each class. The art as well is so simple yet cute and clean.

My only criticism is the enemies attack in a pattern I'm not used to after playing various other roguelikes throughout my life. It took a bit to get the hang of and I felt like early levels you can kinda cheese some combat encounters. 

Really looking how you'll expand this. 

Thanks for playing! Yeah, it's a bit confusing I definitely would put a tutorial and improve the path-finding/balance if I put more time into it. I made it as a fun project to learn development for the Playdate and also to make a video about it on my YouTube channel so I expected people to see the explanations in the devlogs. Given that, surprised at how quickly you picked everything up. Enjoyed watching you play through it!


I love this! Really great for small bursts of pick up and play and the classes all are unique enough to mix things up. If I can make a suggestion though, would it be possible to make your character flash at the start of a level or something on those lines? It can be kindof hard to initially find your character as you get further in and lots more enemies are around.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)  I'm not currently updating the game, but I'll see if there's interest in giving the game a coat of polish in the future!